TRC Testimonials

recent feedback from TRC clients and their relocating employees!

“Chris has been exceptional to work with. His organizational and people skills are impeccable. I wish we had more people like him in our department. It makes me feel good that my command has hired a company that handled my needs in such a smooth, professional way.”
- U.S. government transferee


"Brenda is absolutely outstanding: professional, prompt, knowledgeable and highly efficient. She responded to my questions and requests for assistance 24/7: nights, weekends, & whenever I needed help. Brenda handled all matters related to inspections, appriasals, closings, and settlements. My home sale and closing were transparent to my wife and me. As a senior Federal government manager I would love to hire several Brendas as she adds tremendous value to her organization and supported clients. Top notch support. She directly contributes to TRC's positive reputation as a world-class leader in relocation services. Thanks for doing such a great job on my home sale."

- U.S. government manager


"Thank you so much for all your hard work with a property in a very difficult selling area. Thanks for a great year – you are all so wonderful to work with.”
- TRC Fortune 500 industrial client


"It was a pleasure working with you.  You have an incredibly difficult job, and you handled all of my family’s stressful scenarios with ease.  Thank you for all of your support and guidance during this move. TRC is lucky to have you on their team.”
- Transferee, Global 1000 retail client


"Andrew was always available, concise in his information and a good resource.  Flawless execution of the process. The features were very clear and managed in a professional manner.”
- Transferee, Fortune 500 industrial client


"I’ve been relocated before, and your help and service has been the best by far! You have been very responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with! It’s been a pleasure for me to work with you.”
- Transferee, major industrial client


"Quick question: If I ever decide to move again, could I contact TRC for some assistance (out of my own pocket or through a new employer)? You have provided to me the best customer service I've ever received, so I thought if I ever need another move, I'd like to use TRC's services again”.
- Transferee, alternative energy client


"Your advice has helped us reduce costs in the difficult market we are experiencing right now—especially when it comes to inventory.  Your inventory managers are real pros!”
- Financial services client


"I was excited but frankly petrified about my assignment in Shanghai.  So many things to think about while also trying to get ready for my assignment and wind down my U.S. job!  I don’t know how I could have done it without you.  You managed 1000 details and made it seem easy!
- International Assignee, technology client 


"John and I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your hard work and dedication during our transition. We love our new home!! To the TRC family we say “thank you!!!”

"Victoria and Amy, you played a major part in making our family transition smooth. We felt at home even though we were so many miles away from “home”. You made it possible for us to move from temp housing to a HOME. We will never forget you!!! Thank you for your patience.

"Special thanks to our Realtor!  Without your hard work and will to never give up our dream of home ownership would not have been possible. Thanks for your late night work, countless e-mails, and many phone calls.

"You are not just our Realtor, you have become a friend."
- Transferee, major energy client


"Thanks for sharing Mr. Stevens'’ customer service evaluation with me, and thanks to the entire TRC service team for providing such superlative service!

"It really does make a difference to transferring families going through a very stressful experience.

"Congratulations on the great evaluation!"
- U.S. government client