TRC Global Supplier Partners


TRC was founded to meet our client's relocation needs—not to feed leads to a parent company

TRC's NetSource supply chain network brings our clients more than 25 years of supply-chain management expertise, with performance-managed suppliers to meet any domestic or international relocation need.

Many of our competitors operate as relocation divisions of parent real estate, household goods or consulting companies.  These relocation divisions were created primarily to deliver household goods or real estate referrals to the parent company - whether or not it's the best choice for the client.

TRC is a completely independent company.  We have no exclusive arrangements, affiliations or ownership interest in any of our suppliers, so we're free to choose the best resources for our clients and their transferees - regardless of affiliation. Our NetSource supply chain network structure means that our suppliers always have a financial incentive to provide outstanding service.

TRC's NetSource partners are chosen based on their individual expertise, knowledge, tenure, reputation, responsiveness and professionalism. Our NetSource supply chain network is comprised of highly qualified appraisers, inspectors, attorneys and real estate agents, while TRC's MoveSource network includes household goods partners carefully selected for quality and value.

Our relocation supplier partners are an extension of our company

At TRC, we consider our supplier partners to be an extension of our company. They are subject to the same performance standards as TRC employees, and are fully integrated into the service delivery process under TRC’s close supervision.

We employ a rigorous supplier selection process, including a competitive RFP and presentation, followed by careful due diligence to verify credentials and service performance. Once on board, our NetSource partners operate under service level agreements, with specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that are tracked and monitored.

We're committed to a diverse supplier base

As a company that works with an incredibly rich mix of clients, relocating employees, supplier partners and cultures, TRC Global Solutions enthusiastically embraces diversity, both within our organization and in building our supplier network.  We believe diverse supplier partners help us to develop and deliver the creative, flexible solutions that we seek for our customers.  We also believe our commitment to diversity allows us to better understand our customers’ needs and to assist employees in the 150+ countries where TRC does business.

TRC actively seeks, qualifies and trains minority- and woman-owned supplier partners, and we are committed to doing business with suppliers who share this focus and apply similar standards in their own supplier selection processes.  Currently, more than 40% of TRC’s business is earmarked for small, minority and woman-owned businesses. 

To support this initiative, we proactively:

  • Contract minority and small business trade associations
  • Contact business development organizations
  • Request sources from the Small Business Administration’s Procurement Marketing and Access Network (PRO-Net) System
  • Attend small, minority, and women-owned small business procurement conferences and trade fairs

Within our organization, we:

  • Present workshops, seminars and training programs
  • Establish, maintain and use small, hub zone small, small disadvantaged, women-owned small, veteran-owned small, and service-disabled veteran-owned small business source lists, guides, and other data for soliciting subcontracts
  • Maintain internal vendor database with information on targeted classes of small business subcontractors
  • Monitor activities to evaluate compliance with the subcontracting plan

If you're a supplier with an outstanding service history and an interest in partnering with TRC, please contact us.