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TRC delivers comprehensive employee relocation services in the U.S. and in more than 150 countries worldwide.  We can meet any company’s employee relocation needs while carefully controlling costs.  As experienced relocation specialists, we can also help corporate clients structure best-practice employee relocation programs and meet exacting government relocation service requirements.

Single Point of Coordination Model Streamlines Employee Relocation

TRC operates under a single point of coordination team concept.  A Personal Move Manager (PMM) or Global Assignment Manager is assigned to each relocating employee and serves as the single point of coordination throughout the move.  Instead of interacting with numerous points of contact, the relocating employee works with the PMM/GAM for all aspects of the relocation, greatly enhancing communication and service quality.  More than just coordinating services, our Personal Move and Global Assignment Managers serve as trusted advisors, advocates and problem-solvers during what can be a deeply personal and stressful time.

Clients enjoy a similar single point of coordination model, working with a dedicated TRC Account Manager.  TRC Account Managers provide business-to-business assistance and support in the areas of:

  • Policy / Program Development
  • Policy Administration
  • Corporate Training / Education 
  • Relocation Industry Education & Benchmarking
  • Relocation Materials Development
  • Reporting & Data Analysis
  • Quality Control / Assurance

TRC’s single point of coordination model and flat organizational structure permit more efficient strategizing and problem solving and greatly streamlines our clients’ employee relocation programs.

Creative Programs to Meet Today’s Employee Relocation Challenges

TRC is committed to introducing services that address our clients’ contemporary needs.  For example:

  • Our BVO FastTrack program was developed specifically for today’s changing real estate market; it produces faster sales and lower total costs.
  • We have developed policies and high support procedures to manage short-sale situations where other service providers would normally step out of the process.
  • TRC’s DecisionSource™ pre-decision program arms your potential relocating employees and new hires with the concrete information they need to decide if relocation is financially viable for them.
  • Our SavingSource™ program (designed specifically for companies that complete 50+ guaranteed buyout relocations each year.)  TRC will analyze your program using our proprietary tools and guarantee that we’ll achieve lower overall DHSCs the following year.  If we don’t, we’ll share in the additional costs.
  • Our CustomSource™ core-flex program, which gives companies the flexibility to adjust line-item benefits to meet individual transferee and budget needs.  Using TRC’s interactive authorization form, you simply select the applicable core policy for the relocation, adjust individual line item benefits to suit your budget and the transferee’s needs and forward the customized initiation.

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